Info about WarKit

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After a week of WarKit, we want to take the opportunity to better focus on our app and to explain all the particular functionality that we put on it.

How does this idea has born?

This idea has born from the need of our programmer (Vannu) to “virtually” shoot to our web designer (Piero) for personal solace.

Considering that using hands is not professional, he thought: “Why not using something more technologic?” and so it is.

Starting from a singolar gun we have arrived to a whole arsenal, whitch allows you to survive to any extreme situation.

To promote our app we have simulated an assault of a specialized team with the target of saving an hostage kidnapped from criminals looking for ransom.

Now let’s see some of the weapons inside the app:
  • Chainsaw: It has been insered especially to prevent hungry zombie attack. It has been equipped by a random starting system to make it more realystic.
  • Katana: Japanese sword, really handy and deadly. We have insered 3 bottons to simulate: missed shot, the parry and the final shot.
  • Colt: The tipical film western gun, main carachter of the most engaging duels. If you are interested in duels, with this weapon you are allowed to challenge with the russian roulette, placing just one bulletand making turn the cylinder. We realized a video to explain how this works.

  • Claymore: Antipersonnel mine that starts at the first vibration. Perfect for ambush.
  • C-4: Plastic explosive with timer for the detonation.
  • Grenade and Flashbang: We have been insered this 2 bombs to make complet ethe kit. Be really carrefoul with what you do with your device!

Have fun and keep follow us, really soon it will be published new fantastic app!

Download for iOS for the full version (all the weapons unlocked)

Download for iOS for the free lite version (only some weapons unlocked)