WarKit out now!

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WarKit Promo

BlackRaven proudly present our new app: a real and true poket war arsenal! Wouldn’t you like to place highly sensible bomb to enviorment’s vibreations? Here you are! The arsenal includes expolosives, fireguns and blades. Third World War? Alien invasion? Zombies? WarKit provides you all the equipment that you need
  • it does not leave spots and biological remanining, that can be tracked down by CSI
  • less space occuped
  • no cartridge case
  • it’s enviorment frendly
  • the claymore
  • it does not kill
  • it does not hurt (just in the pride)
BlackRaven does not assume any responsability of the wrong use of this game, and also remember that nobody, nothing and no betatesters (expect toasters) have been hurted

Download for iOS for the full version (all the weapons unlocked)

Download for iOS for the free lite version (only some weapons unlocked)