Deferred Shadows Marching

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D.S.M. is a rendering technique to simulate cascaded shadows directly in screen space. Born as improvement of deferred lighting, DSM tries to reconstruct the shadows in post processing by ray marching the lights trajectories in screen space.
D.S.M. can virtually simulate unlimited spot lights casting shadows without any performance hits, in a single rendering pass.
  • Geometry indipendent
  • Lights number indipendent
  • Does not store shadowmaps/lightmaps or other expensive memory in GPU
  • Can be merged with other forward/deferred rendering techinques
  • Optimal for rendering moving/appearing soft lights, particles or flashes.
  • Fake shadows, sometimes DSM produces artifacts or incorrect results
  • DSM can only cast shadows of geometry that fits in the screen

Ocean’s simulator

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First beta of deep ocean realtime simulation. Rendering performed with OpenGL and GLSL shaders technology.
Engine features:
  • Waves physics based on Gerstner’s equations
  • Dynamic foam’s particles simulation
  • Fresnel reflection/refraction
  • Underwater caustics simulation
  • Parallax occlusion mapping
  • Atmosphere light scattering
  • Focal depth of field

SSPO Algorithm

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The last developments from BlackRaven just for you!

The SSPO is a post processing algorithm designed by Black Raven Team, it computes advanced lighting and virtual extrusion at screen space, to significantly enhance rendering quality. It works in real time and it takes 3 rendering passes only. Since it operates at screen space, SSPO is geometry indipendent: this means no matter what you draw, it will always process the same ammount of computations.

History updated

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Hello boys and girls!
Recently we have updated the history of our team!
If you want, have a look here so you’ll notice with your eyes the really huge steps that our group have been doing to establish ourself as a software house!

Soon we’ll change the word history!